Missing: Alexis Ware

Alexis Ware is a mother, hair stylist, makeup artist, social media influencer and model. Her family describes her as extroverted, kind, and supportive of the people she cared about. Alexis was just beginning her social media career and was planning to move to Atlanta, GA to open a clothing boutique when she went missing. She was 29 at the time and this took place in January 2022. 

Selfie of Alexis Ware


January 28-30, 2022
In the days prior to her disappearance, she was visiting family. During that time, someone she referred to as ‘the devil’ relentlessly called her despite the man being blocked. Alexis was also receiving direct messages on social media platforms from what she called “creepy men.” She thought someone might be following her. Her mother, Alberta, said Alexis was concerned for her safety regarding upcoming work including photoshoots. Understandably so, because many women have been assaulted and killed doing photoshoots. 


The same day of the relentless calls, Alexis communicated to her mother that she doesn't think she will see her 30th birthday which is in March, 2 months away. Her mom persisted, trying to get more information but Alexis didn’t tell her why she thought this. Alexis went on to say that she needed to protect her kids and was worried something could happen to her with them in the car. Her mom asked her to stay, and she initially agreed, then on Sunday she did her hair, and makeup and decided to head home. She left for Greenville, SC around noon. Her mom checked in on her around 3PM to ensure she arrived home safely and she did - they video chatted and Alexis was in bed settling down for a nap. That ended up being their last call, because Alexis vanished a few hours later.

Investigators soon learned that 4 hours after that video chat with her mom, Alexis was at a 7-Eleven gas station about 40 mins from home. She was seen with her ex, TJ Patterson at approximately 7:30PM. Unfortunately, most of the surveillance video is blocked by a large truck but from what is seen, everything seemed normal. It’s believed she was giving him the kids and he was filling up her gas tank. TJ said they both planned to go to his mom’s house after leaving the gas station. Once they left the gas station Alexis sped around TJ and took off. He tried calling her a few times to no avail. Then TJ called Alexis’s mom, Alberta, asking ‘have you talked to Lex?’ Alberta wasn’t aware they were meeting up to exchange the kids. During that call, TJ said Alexis was planning to go to her house - the one she just came from after the weekend visit. Her mom was confused by this because Alexis didn’t communicate she was to return that day and she didn’t.

Monday (31st) goes by with no word from her despite their calls. She mentioned she was going to the lottery office on Monday but she didn’t show. The family reported her missing that Tuesday, Feb 1. A new lead came for investigators when her car, a 2019 red Honda Accord, was spotted ‘multiple times’ at an apartment complex in Anderson, SC. The investigator did not elaborate further but we know this was at ~9 PM per Dateline. Alberta went to that complex with photos of her daughter on flyers and asked people if they’d seen her, if they knew her or why she’d visit that apartment. No leads came from those conversations. Her family isn’t aware of any reason she would be there. Her car also traveled to Augusta, GA that night. This is a lot of driving and we don’t know if Alexis was behind the wheel. 

screenshot of google maps overview of distance between cities
Her mom thinks that something must have happened to Alexis immediately after she left the gas station. Alexis thought she was being followed and was scared. Alexis’s Honda was located the day after she was reported missing (Feb 2) in rural McCormick county, SC which was 50 miles south of the apartment complex. Her family isn’t aware of any reason she would be there either. The car was parked on a dirt road for a few days in a wooded area - it was out of place. Inside the car, her purse, phone, a bag of clothes, and those lottery tickets were found. On the ground nearby was the black bandana she was seen wearing in the surveillance video. 

On Feb 8th, a large grid search was performed in McCormick by investigators covering 200+ acres. Her family also searched independently and neither search produced any evidence or leads. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance, that is, leaving her car in the middle of nowhere, with her phone and bag, then not being in touch with family at all, are out of character for her.  The family requested the FBI’s assistance and they began collaborating with local police on the investigation a couple of months in.

Present day: still missing

The investigation is still open, active and ongoing. No suspects have been identified and TJ Patterson has been cleared by investigators. 

If you know anything about Alexis’s disappearance please contact the Anderson County Sheriff's Office at 864-260-4405. Or you can submit information through Crime Stoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC. 

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