Weird Wax Co is owned and operated by twin sisters, Jazmin and Jade, in Denver, Colorado. We grew up watching and discussing Unsolved Mysteries with our mom and older sister. Three decades later, our fascination with true crime hasn’t wavered. We aspire to create a platform that combines that interest with our creative outlets.

We started making candles a few years ago and had so much fun that we gifted more than 100 original creations to friends and family. With their encouragement and our imagination, Weird Wax Co was born.

Outside of the candle studio, we like to spend time outdoors connecting with nature and our animals. We regularly binge true crime podcasts and research and discuss cases in depth.  


Jade: Cult Shit. My life peaked when I made this candle. 

Jazmin: Serial. 


Jade: Clearidescent & Sage Matte

Jazmin: The Iridescent Collection & Lilac Matte