True Crime Candle Time: Bringing Light to Cold Cases

  • The Mysterious Disappearance & Death of Jamier Leonard

    In July 2019,  21-year-old Jamier Leonard disappeared from Emporia, Virginia. As the search unfolded, unsettling details emerged leaving investigators and his loved ones desperately seeking answers.
  • Missing: Blanca Estella Govea-Ibarra

    Blanca’s newborn baby was only a month old when she vanished. Today, over six and a half years later, she is still missing and her baby is growing up without their mom.
  • Missing: Alexis Ware

    Alexis was just beginning her social media career and was planning to move to Atlanta, GA to open a clothing boutique when she went missing in January 2022. Where is she?
  • A True Crime Story About the Time my Lab Partner Killed Someone

    A true crime story about the time my biology lab from undergrad ghosted our research project because he was arrested for killing a man in a hit-and-run, and recruiting friends to hide the evidence.
  • Our Grandfather was Murdered: Jack Nilo Gonzalez Marriot

    In 1976, he met up with two men to sell his car and never returned home. This is the story about our grandfather’s short life & murder.
  • The Story about my Medical School Professor who was Murdered

    The Story about my Medical School Professor who was Murdered: 

    Dr. Davidson was a dean, and one of my medical school professors back in 2016-2017. 

    After he retired, he moved to Belize where he would only get to enjoy 10 weeks of retirement before he was violently and tragically killed. 

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