An arrest has been made in connection to Sarayah's murder. Yesterday, police announced they linked Treace Palmer, 20, to the shooting that occurred two years ago. The suspect was already in custody in Nevada (unrelated) and will be extradited back to Sacramento, CA to face the murder charge. We will continue to update you on Sarayah's case as it unfolds. This arrest is one step closer to justice for Sarayah Jade. 


On the evening of Thursday September 24, 2020, into the early morning of Friday the 25th, Sarayah Jade Redmond, was watching a movie at a friend’s apartment in Sacramento, California. Shortly after midnight, sudden shots were fired into the unit striking Sarayah, age 19, and a male friend, who ultimately survived his injuries. Sarayah was taken to the hospital but died from the gunfire that occurred at the Creek Apartments on West El Camino and Stonecreek Drive. 


Sarayah had goals of attending beauty school and opening her own business as a cosmetologist. She was a vibrant young woman, full of life, with big aspirations she was actively pursuing. Sarayah’s mother, Jeny, describes her as a kind hearted person with an infectious laugh and beautiful smile. She had so much to look forward to but was unfairly taken away at the hands of another. 

On that note, there appear to actually be 4 people of interest that the police are seeking to identify and make contact with. Fox40 News shared clips of a surveillance video from the apartment complex’s security cameras. The video begins just past midnight ~12:32 AM it shows 4 people walking through the parking lot in one direction and congregating near parked cars/sidewalk. The video jumps ahead skipping ~26 seconds, and the group is walking back where they came. From there, it cuts to another angle, showing ~8 seconds of this group still walking. Suddenly, the video shows the group, ~ 16  mins later running out and away through a gate at full speed, not looking back. It’s 12:48 AM when the first person runs through the gate and the last person (light hoodie) lags behind the others by approximately 5 seconds. The police arrive about 7 mins later at 12:55 AM. 

It is believed that Sarayah was not targeted but is a victim of community gun violence. At the time of this writing, more than a year and half has passed since Sarayah’s death and her killer(s) are still unidentified. Currently no arrests have been made. Despite the initial investigation and the ongoing efforts by activists in the community, the story of Sarayah's murder is not unique. Countless other Black women and girls are systematically dehumanized and killed every year without consequences for their murderers. The lack of media coverage given to missing Black women and girls is detrimental for many reasons including because it doesn't give the public a clear picture of what's happening to many communities across America. 

This effort has been organized to exhort witnesses to come forward to provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of Sarayah's killer(s). She deserves justice and we challenge you to tell one person about her today. Somebody out there knows more, and maybe we can reach them. The power of social media is incredible and if more people share this, it could provide viable leads. Her family is left with many unanswered questions and deserves closure. 


If you know anything about this and/or can identify the people in the video, please immediately contact any of the below agencies.

  • Sacramento police at 916-808-5471
  • Sacramento Valley Crime Stoppers at 916-443-HELP (4357)
  • Anonymous tips can be submitted by using the free “P3 TIPS”  smartphone app  or call 530-488-8502 



10% of all sales at Weird Wax Co this month will go directly to the Sarayah Jade Foundation, a non-profit recently established by her mother, Jeny. The foundation can be found on Facebook at ‘Justice for Sarayah Jade Redmond’ and by email at

Light your candles and spark a conversation about Sarayah. Thank you for taking the time to read this.




After watching the clips, what thoughts come to mind? What are your observations? 

Why did the video clips seemingly skip?

Curious, did the police get fingerprints from the gate? One of them appeared to grab the gate partially on their way in. The last person definitely grabbed the knob. 

Where are the police in their investigation, and are they actively working on leads?

Who was the friend she was with? Was that person being potentially targeted?

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