The Story about my Medical School Professor who was Murdered

The Story about my Medical School Professor,
Dr. Bruce Davidson, who was Murdered
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Picture of Professor Dr. Bruce Davidson. He is a white man with glasses and a salmon colored shirt, sitting in a chair in a medical laboratory.
In 2018, Dr. Bruce Davidson was planning to retire but Hurricane Irma destroyed the island of Anguilla, so he stayed an extra semester to help the school get back on their feet. After that, he then moved to Belize where he bought some riverfront jungle property and built his retirement home by hand. Sadly, he would only get to enjoy about 10 weeks in his new home before he was murdered.
Reports say that authorities in Belize were responding to a bush fire, and discovered homes ablaze.

A few hours later, when they were sifting through the rubble, they discovered charred human remains.

It was determined that his home was violently robbed, and he was killed, then his home was set on fire to cover up the evidence. The fire spread to 4 houses and destroyed them all.

Dr. Davidson was so badly burnt that they couldn’t determine his cause of death and had to send off DNA samples to identify him. He was a missing person until the DNA confirmed it was him.

His two beloved dogs were also missing and unfortunately I couldn’t find any more information on what happened to them.

Just three days after the house fire, they found his vehicle also burned to the ground at a local residence. Inside that home, they found Dr. Davidson’s stolen electronics. 

Burnt to ground and charred remains of homes

Burnt SUV 



In May 2018, they had three suspects in custody for the stolen goods, including a minor, and were seeking a fourth.

Another article from August 2018 says there were 3 murder suspects, one was on the run, another was already is custody for another murder, and the third was now a missing person, believed to be killed by the other two accomplices!

Dr. Davidson was a dean, and one of my medical school professors back in 2016-2017 for biochem, genetics, and medical research. He was kind and loved animals.

He spent his life in conservation studying Acacia trees and Cheetah genetics. The first class I had with him, he spent time showing us pictures he took of cheetahs and other animals before going over the syllabus. It was lovely!

After he died, the school started a memorial scholarship in his name and named the medical research laboratory that he created after him. 

His son, Mark, spread his ashes in a few different places, and said that when his son, Dr. Davidson’s grandson, gets older they’re going to scatter the last bit of his ashes under an Acacia tree in the South African bush where he raised his children.

Rest in peace, Professor Davidson!


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